Book Review Policy

If you are an author, publisher or publicist, I would be honored to review for you. The reviews on this blog are my own reviews. They are based on the books that I have read. No one is paying me anything for the reviews and I never promise to give a positive review. Please note that I am honest in my reviews, regardless of where the book came from. Getting a book from an author or publisher does not affect my review in any way. After all, I’m here for the readers and they deserve honesty.

I currently accept review copies in these forms:
Published copy (Hardcover or Paperback)
Audio Books
Mobi (for kindle)

What kind of books I enjoy reading:
I am interested in many genres, but here are some of the ones I prefer reading:
Supernatural Mystery

What kind of books I don’t enjoy reading: 
I believe in fair reviews, and if I don’t enjoy certain genres, then the review will be skewed. Therefore I'm not the best fit if your book falls into one of the following genres:
Chick Lit
Classics (although I enjoy some of them, I don’t care to review them)

To request a review
If you are interested in a review, please contact me by e-mail at ivie.isler(at)gmail(dot)com. Please include the following information about your book: Title, Author, Publisher, Release Date, Pages, Genre, and Synopsis.

Need a beta reader?

Sometimes writers get so involved in the plot they can't see plot holes/inconsistencies or loose ends. This is where beta readers come in. I'm available to read your work and offer insight to you. If I do beta read for you, then I will not review on my blog. My opinions would be skewed. I want my reviews to have my fresh opinion of the work, not one where I've offered feedback to the author.

Please note that a beta reader isn't an editor or proof reader. I don't mind pointing out errors as I see them, but please don't come to me expecting that I catch every grammatical or spelling mistake. That's up to you. The story needs to be somewhat cleaned up. If I'm too distracted by the errors, then it will take away from me helping with plot holes.

Basically I'm here to help strengthen your story/characters BEFORE you release the book.