Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Die for Me

By Amy Plum

This book is an absolute Must Read! Amy Plum’s style of writing quickly draws readers into the story and makes it difficult to put the book down. She creates an air of mystery around Vincent and his crew and throws in some action at the end.

 Basically, Kate Mercier and her sister come to Paris to live with their grandmother after their parents die in a car accident. Kate can’t seem to get over their deaths, and escapes mostly into books. While reading at a café one day, she meets Vincent. After several brief encounters, the two begin to see each other. After seeing one of Vincent’s friends die and running into him a few days later, Kate runs to Vincent’s house only to find him dead. It is then that she learns about revenants and their enemies the Numa.

I loved the original concept with a new species of paranormal creatures. Plum has definitely done the prep work to answer all the questions readers have when introduced to a paranormal creature. She has answered the important questions of “how they are created,” “what special abilities do they have,” “how do they die,” “how come society has never heard of revenants,” and many others. Her thoroughness definitely pays off in the story.

This story touches many different types of genres and readers. There is action, mystery, paranormal (of course), and even a little romance, so I encourage readers to pick this book up. You will not be disappointed.

The sequel, UNTIL I DIE, is already out and I can’t wait to get my hands on it! This book reminds me of Lauren Kate’s FALLEN series only better, so if you enjoyed that, then you will probably enjoy DIE FOR ME.