Wednesday, October 22, 2014

MIA for a Good Cause

Some of you might have noticed that my posts have become very sporadic over the past few months. I haven't been posting as much as I usually do and it has taken me longer to review books. That's because I've been training for the Susan G. Komen 3-day that was held October 17-19 2014 in Atlanta, GA. For those of you who don't know what the 3-day is, it is a walk that spans three days and 60 miles. Yup, that's right, this past weekend, I walked 60+ miles to spread awareness of and raise funds for breast cancer research.

You can only imagine the time it took in training for this event. As the time got closer, training became more intense, and the blog/reviews became less important to me. Instead, my mind focused on the journey ahead. It was a time to focus on the loved ones lost to this disease, the ones that have survived it, and the ones still fighting it. So for all of those affected by breast cancer, and those who will be, my time these past few months have been dedicated to you--whether I know you or not.

The 3-day allowed me to become personal friends with pain. Through the uneven terrain, the hills (OMG the unending hills!), and the seemingly ceaseless mileage, I learned how to draw upon my own determination, others' encouragement, and God's strength. Between blisters, sore muscles, hip pain, and tendonitis in my knee, making it to the finish line was the best feeling in the world. I was uncomfortable for 3-days. Those with breast cancer are uncomfortable for much longer. My journey can't even compare to what they are going through.

Since this is a book blog, and not a personal blog, I will make this short and relevant. I want to apologize to authors, publicists, and book blog tour operators that have seen me go MIA. I am back and am excited to get my life back to its normal routine. Thank y'all or being patient with me!


The perfect sign to sum up my experience with the 3-day!