Friday, March 29, 2013

Black Hole Sun

By David Macinnis Gill

Before I start my review, let me say that this is the first sci-fi book I have read that is set in space–although the setting is actually on Mars. Generally that is not my favorite genre, but Gill’s book has opened my eyes to the amazing stories that I have been missing.

With that in mind, Black Hole Sun is a very fresh, original story. It is a tale of one adventure/escapade that the main character, Durango, and his crew go on. Durango is a Regulator which is like soldier that anyone can hire, sort of. He is hired by some miners and assembles a crew. The result is a story about their fast-paced, action-packed mission.

Throughout the story David Macinnis Gill introduces readers to a new set of vocabulary/lingo. Because Mars was settled by Earthlings, words and phrases from various languages are used. Although that was enjoyable, readers who aren’t near the internet or other reference materials to translate the words/phrases, miss out on the meaning. That’s why the ability to use context clues is a must in this book. Gill doesn’t explain what all of the words/phrases mean after he uses them, so it can seem pure gibberish to some readers. Readers might can figure out a word or two from context clues, but might not understand entire phrases.

All in all, this book was very enjoyable and I look forward to Gill’s second book in the series, Invisible Sun. If you enjoy military strategy mixed with interesting battles and you want an adventure that is “out of this world,” then you will enjoy this book!