Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Under the Never Sky

In The Death Shop there are many ways to die. The trick is surviving. And if you’ve grown up without being exposed to the outside elements, there’s no hope–unless you find someone to help guide you…

After an accident that gets Aria kicked out of the enclosed city of Reverie, she is thrown out into the outside world known as The Death Shop and left for dead. She soon runs into Perry, a “savage” who helps her survive and navigate the wild. Perry wants to use Aria to get back his nephew who was taken by Aria’s people, the “dwellers”. The two ultimately want to get back to Reverie, but they have to learn to rely on each other before that can happen. Can two people from opposite worlds trust each other to achieve their goals?

It takes a while for the story to get going. Aria has to be kicked out of her home before the action can happen. Once she crosses paths in the wild with Perry, the story really takes off. Together the two must survive ether storms with hungry cannibals after them and outrun wild wolves.

This will make an amazing movie that both sexes would enjoy. (oh yes, the film rights have been optioned by Warner Brothers) There’s battles with knives and archers that create action for guys while Aria and Perry’s relationship is the love story that ladies swoon over. Together it is the perfect date story/movie/book.

I love how Rossi made her main characters complete opposites of each other. One sheltered, the other raised in the wild; one is chatty, the other is quiet; one is a singer, the other is a hunter; one has sharp hearing, the other has sharp sight. It creates a large barrier each character must overcome before starting to like the other and puts a new meaning to opposites attract.

I highly recommend this book to teens and adults alike. If you enjoyed the Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, then you will definitely enjoy Under the Never Sky. There are lots of similarities between society and the wild in both books. I will definitely finish this series and look forward to picking up the second book, Through the Ever Night, that’s due to release January 2013!

Curious for more? Check out the book trailer below and I know you’ll be running out to pick up the book as soon as possible. I mean seriously, this is the best book trailer I’ve ever seen!